Haunted Light – Productive Day!

Today was a long day, a whole 12 hours at school.

The day started out with a scrum meeting where we received feedback on what we’d so far done on the scrum document. The scrum document is a kind-of work plan in which all the group members specify all the work which need to be done until certain dead-lines.

First we had planned out the work in broad categories to focus the time on actual development instead of grouping each work-task. Although, today we learned that in the long run, it would probably be better to have smaller parts and update the document more often. And therefore having a better overview of the whole project.
To sum it up. We needed to be more precise and split the tasks into smaller bits in order to better specify the progress of our work.

The next event this day was the programming introduction to the:
SFML framework (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library).
It’s such a relief, getting into the actual game creation process much faster compared to the time it takes with our previously used library: SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer).
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