Haunted Light – Automatic Tiling

This week have been a really productive one in terms of features completed. First off, I’ve done some finishing touches on the Pathfinding algorithm which I wrote about in last weeks’ post and all that remains now is to give each enemy it’s AI-logic.

One of Haunted Lights more prominent feature is its re-generation of levels. Because of that particular feature we need to have the level to be updated whenever the generation happens. In case we didn’t update the sprites when the level generates we would get something that look something like the screenshot below.
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Haunted Light – Redirection

In the previous post I wrote that I was going to go through how our level generation worked, but due to missed deadlines we’ve been forced to push the implementation of that feature to later when we have a working path-finding since we prioritize having a challenging game rather than a fancy level-generation. Because of that unfortunate turn of events I’ll now write about how our A-star implementation currently works instead.

Before I even began working, I did some research on what the easiest way of implementing A-star were. After a while I finally settled on using the “Micro-Pather” libriary which is a lightweight and easy-to-use library containing only two single files;”micropather.h” and “micropather.cpp“.
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Haunted Light – Generation Process

This week I’ve been mostly thinking and planning out how the level generation will work and I’ve also assisted our programmers in different parts of the game.

since I haven’t completed any new artifact in the game this week (except different resolution support…but it’s such a minor part and therefore I don’t’ count that) I’m going to talk about a feature of Haunted Light that’s a work in progress. The “(Re-)generating Levels”. I’ll explain what I mean by that.

Haunted Light is a game where you wake up on a basement-floor with only a single candle in front of you. As soon as you pick up the candle you notice that there’s a monstrosity following you and the goal is to survive by running away form that monster while avoiding critters and other horrors.

While you’re escaping you’ll notice that the rooms and corridors aren’t the same as when you previously were there. That’s because as soon as you move a large enough distance away from an area then it’ll change i.e. “re-generate“.
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