Warpers – Spacecrafts and the hangar


I’m currently taking the course Big Game Project at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, where the goal is to have, after 10 weeks, a working vertical slice of a game which might have the potential to become a product worth selling at a later stage.

We’re now three weeks into the production of the game Warpers, a 2D top-down shooter developed in Unreal Engine 4 where up to four players can create their own spacecrafts and venture out and discover what the universe has to offer.

My role in this project is Lead Designer and Programmer and this week I’ll talk about how players go about creating their spaceships.

Spaceships are created in the hangars of space stations scattered throughout the universe and players can, when they aren’t engaged in combat, choose to create a new spaceship or iterate upon the current one by entering one of said hangars.

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