Warpers – Depth with Parallaxes


I’m currently taking the course Big Game Project at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, where the goal is to have, after 10 weeks, a working vertical slice of a game which might have the potential to become a product worth selling at a later stage.

We’re now four weeks into the production of the game Warpers, and this time I’ll write a little about how the composition of the objects in space is handled. Since Warpers is a 2D game, it can get quite difficult to render a scene which doesn’t look flat. The solution to that particular problem is called “Parallaxes“.

Parallaxes can be explained as:

“The method of displacing objects by a different amount depending on what depth they are considered to be in”

This is no real quote, but my own definition so take it with a grain of salt.

That means that when the camera moves, objects that are further away from the camera moves slower and can almost be seen as static while objects closer to the camera move as fast or faster than the camera depending on if the camera’s view target is closer or further away from the object that is a parallax.

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