Warpers – Dynamic Cameras


I’m currently taking the course Big Game Project at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, where the goal is to have, after 10 weeks, a working vertical slice of a game which might have the potential to become a product worth selling at a later stage.

We’re now five weeks into the production of the game Warpers and this time I’ll write about the camera system which gives Warpers a smoother feel than more traditional top-down cameras. Warpers have multiple scenarios where a cameras’ movement help the player understand what’s going on in front of them.

Focus Points

The camera location is determined by the average of a number of focus points. The focus points are three-dimensional vector locations which have a boolean state which decides whether the point should be considered or not then finding the final location where the camera should be. This true or false state for points makes it easy to create dynamic camera transitions when aiming or turning around to Continue reading