Warpers – Unreal Saving and Loading


I’m currently taking the course Big Game Project at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, where the goal is to have, after 10 weeks, a working vertical slice of a game which might have the potential to become a product worth selling at a later stage.

We’re now one week from exhibiting Warpers at the Gotland Game Conferance weeks into the production of the game Warpers and this time I’ll write a little about how we save and load custom spaceships. Warpers is a game where the core focus is aimed at players creating their own space ships and using them to traverse the different galaxies through the universe.

We use Unreal Engine 4’s save-game system which makes it easy to save all the kinds of data that we want to preserve between sessions.

There are a number of moments where the ships need to be loaded and saved. After a player have created a ship design that they’re happy with they probably want to Continue reading